Abbie’s Cat Rescue; The Beginning.

Welcome to Abbie’s Cat Rescue blog! I am going to keep everyone up to date on the progress of the rescue from this blog.

The main aim of my rescue is to help mum cats and their litters as well as stray cats. I will look after the cats and kittens, neuter, vaccinate, worm and deflea as necessary and microchip before finding a loving home for them.

Recently, a lovely lady from Grimsby donated two heated cat pens which my dad and his friend went to pick up for me. We are hoping to put them up, make a base and make sure they are dry, clean and welcoming ready for rescuing. I am currently decorating and selling pet bowls on Etsy ( ) with all the profits going towards the start up and maintenance of the rescue. At the moment all my costs are going into the rebuilding of the pens, once they are finished the costs will be on food, litter, vets bills etc. I am hoping to make things to sell to pay for these things before asking for donations.

I will post with more updates when I can!

Abigail x












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