Rescue Update!

A lot has happened since I last posted on here, we have been working hard on getting the cat pen ready! We are almost ready to take in cats!

Over the past few weekends my dad and his friend worked on building a structure for the heated part of the pen to sit on, added the run, the porch and the roof as well as felting the roof.

Inbetween the building of the pen we have been painting it, we’ve had to buy 3 tins in total! (2 sage and 1 white).


To raise money for the costs of the cat pen my mum, my sister and I have been making cat bed, toys and bowls to sell on Etsy. So far we have sold 4 bowls and 1 bed which have had great reviews! I have also started a JustGiving page which has raised £170 so far. Including the donations I have had in person we have now raised over £200 which is amazing, thankyou to everyone who has donated!

ollie reviewollie


We have bought some storage boxes to store the big bags of cat litter and other stuff that the cats may need. I am also planning on buying some artificial grass to put on the floor of the pen so its a little nicer for the cats than slabs! We hope to soon fit the electrics so that we have light and heating in the pen and then we will be ready to take in a cat and/or a litter of kittens! There are some little bits and bobs like food, bowls, toys and bedding that I still need to pick up, but I should have these before the pen is finished! If you would like to donate items we do have an amazon wish list here, although most of the things on the list are things we will need often we would also love donations that you think the cats may enjoy! (If you would like to send us dontations you can contact us via the contact page or facebook for our address) We really appreciate any kind of donations x


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