Misty’s Story.

Hi, sorry I haven’t updated you all in a while, things have been a little crazy!

In October we were contacted about a young female cat, she was homeless and pregnant! We took her in and took her to the vets to make sure she was healthy, and they confirmed her pregnancy, she was about half way along. She fit in well at our home, ate lots and enjoyed our company. She had such a big personality and we absolutely loved watching her wander around the house like she owned the place.

About a month later when she was possibly due to have her kittens she began showing signs of labour but nothing very productive. We took her to the vets again and she unfortunately hadn’t progressed any more than when they last saw her. They kept her at the vets to scan her to see what was going on, she had lost the kittens. We decided to have her spayed whilst she was still at the vets. We are very glad we decided this as it turned out she had pyometra.

I would like to thank everyone for the help with her vets bills, as it wasn’t a simple spay and she already had a scan it was pretty expensive!

Misty recovered well from her spay, she even enjoyed wearing the vest to stop her messing with her scar. Unfortunately after recovery she no longer got on with my cats, she was chasing and attacking them, so we had to find her a cat only home.

Eventually we managed to find her a lovely home with no other pets, just in time for her to spend Christmas with them! We took her to her new home and she immediately came out of the carrier and checked out her new home, she felt so comfortable and welcome. She is now named Renesmee and fit in perfectly with her new family.

We love you lots Renesmee!

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