26637716_1993419330686365_1602716757_nThis is Rose, we took her in to the rescue as her owner could no longer keep her. She is a little shy at first but a very lovely girl! She enjoys being fussed and playing with her toys. I tidy all her toys before I go to bed at night and by the morning they are all over the place! She makes us laugh on a daily basis by rolling over when you stroke her head. She is very loving once she trusts her environment.

Rose has had a busy week this week, her new owners came to view her on Wednesday and she absolutely loved all the fuss, and showed off her amazing personality. We then took her to be spayed on Friday, she came home very wobbly and tired but is feeling much better today, a little sore but purring again. She will have a check up on Monday to make sure she’s healing OK and one last appointment after that and she will then be ready to go and live with her forever family, which we are very excited about, as are her new family I’m sure!

We have loved looking after Rosie and wish her all the best for her future!

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