Savannah & Sheba.

On the 11th January, we took in Savannah and Sheba. Their owner could no longer keep them so asked us to find them loving forever homes. They both went straight into foster homes as they needed to be spayed and microchipped. Sheba also had a stomach problem we wanted to get to the bottom of before re homing her.

27503790_283389348858343_1723875864258247343_oSavannah is a lovely but sassy little cat! We decided to let a lovely lady foster her to see how she got along with a young child, which we needn’t have been worried about as they have been inseparable since day one! We had Savannah spayed after she’d settled in her foster home and she has now been adopted by her foster family! I don’t think I could have found a better match with Savannah and her new owners. Savannah is so gentle and playful, and also absolutely crazy at times, like she’s still a kitten!

Sheba was very nervous when she came into the rescue and she had had stomach problems for most of her life.  We were originally hoping to directly rehome Sheba but decided to ask her possible new owners to foster her whilst we tried to find out what was wrong with her. The vet gave her a seven day course of panacur which has seemed to do the job as, touch wood, she hasn’t had a stomach episode since she first arrived. Her foster home is a quiet and calm environment which is great for how shy and nervous she is. Each time we have visited she has gotten more and more confident. She is playful and enjoys rolling on her back for a belly rub! She was spayed at the same time as Savannah and is also now adopted by her foster family!

Savannah and Sheba are both doing so well in their new homes and we couldn’t be happier with their progress and the families they’ve been adopted in to. Good luck to you both in your forever homes 💜

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