important announcement

So, I have some exciting/emotional news!
We have decided to become foster carers for Cats Protection, unfortunately this means that we will be closing Abbie’s Cat Rescue. This is something we have thought about for a while. Joining Cats Protection will mean that I can help more cats with less worry and more support! I started this rescue with an aim to help as much as I could with the cat and kitten problem, due to illness I feel I will be of more help as a fosterer with help and support of a bigger organisation rather than a rescue owner.
There are still cats under our care and Chunk, Laurel and Petal are due to be neutered and microchipped when old enough, we have the funds to cover everything needed before we close up so Abbie’s Cat Rescue no longer requires any donations but if you wish to continue to donate please consider donating to Cats Protection, they do a fabulous job and I’m proud to be joining their team! (
We aren’t sure exactly when ACR will be closing but we are aiming for July, when all things will be ready for us to move over. This Facebook page and our website will be shut down unfortunately closer to the time so if you have any questions about anything please get in touch!
To our adopters, we will still be around for help and advice if needed, if you don’t already have my number or personal email please message me. (I’ll most likely get in touch anyway)
To anyone who has adopted or fostered from us I have got a paper file of your contact details purely for microchip reasons, I have no digital copy of your information. We have kept this for a back up in case a cat becomes lost and the microchip company cant get in touch with you then they can contact us but if you would prefer us to not keep this information please let us know and we will burn it.

If anyone has any questions or problems please get in touch either by message or commenting here.

I want to say a MASSIVE thankyou to everyone who has supported me, from the regular donations, the one off donations and the Facebook sharers. It has been an amazing journey and experience and I definitely couldn’t have done it without your support.

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